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Welcome to the Online Tunaley Tree


This site provides information relating to the original Tunaleys and their descendants in an historical context and explores their most likely

origins. The tree is by no means exhaustive nor is it intended to be. Rather, it provides a researched analysis and account of our Tunaley

ancestors from the start of the Industrial Revolution through to more recent times. The author hopes to show (1) how the Tunaley dyeing business

was a by-product of the start of the Industrial Revolution beginning with the Old Silk Mill in Derby (2) that the continuing Industrial Revolution

in terms of steam railway, of which Derby was a major centre, sounded the death knell for the same dyeing business, elsewhere becoming factory-

oriented. From that stage onward, some of the Tunaley family began to disperse. Yet, even today, Derby remains at the forefront of the revolution

in travel and commercial transport, being the home of Rolls Royce Aerospace and producing arguably the most powerful and efficient jet aero

engines to date including the Trent 1000 for the 787 Dreamliner. This engineering background is fitting given that if we go back about 300 years,

George Sorocold (c. 1668 - c.1738), the engineer involved in the construction of the first factory-based manufacturing concerns at the start

of the Industrial Revolution, has also been described as the first-ever British civil engineer.

Navigating the tree is straightforward and starts at the record of Thomas Tunaley Senior b. 1772. Should you wish to start your navigation

elsewhere just click on the "search" link at the top of the page to find the appropriate record (P.H.Tunaley - 23/3/08).

For further information, contact the author at: phtunaley@live.com




The author would like to say a special thank you to Dr. Jane Holmes of Auckland, New Zealand. Jane has provided detailed breakthrough information

relating to the Tunaleys in the 1700's. Much of this information is from primary sources including Derby Mercury cuttings from the eighteenth century,

copies of court papers and BMD certficates.


Additionally, Jana has provided the following general information that is by no means exhaustive: information regarding Janes's grandmother,

Hilda Holmes nee Tunaley, b. Leicester, 1888. Information regarding Samuel Walker Cox, formerly Mayor of Derby and husband of Sarah

(nee Tunaley) b. 1809. Detailed information relating to the children of Walter and Kathleen Constantia Pennington (nee Tunaley) and the Tunaley

connection to Paul König (Iron Cross - First Class) Commander of the U-boat, "Deutschland", in WW1. Jane has provided much other information that

includes details of Frank Septimus Tunaley and his descendants, Albert Edward Tunaley, a solicitor from Manchester who died in Bombay, India and

circumstances relating to the death in 1795 of the original Thomas Tunaley. Further information from Jane has included probate information relating

to Robert James Tunaley, the jockey, and his wife Mary Elizabeth Tunaley ; also records showing that William "Tunnaley" who married Sarah Ragg

in 1774 (click here) was himself a throwster and demonstrating the Tunaley's involvement in silk throwing fifty

years after the Old Silk Mill was built. Jane has provided much detail on Constantia Tunaley (nee Snape), her father William Snape and her grandfather

(William Snape Snr.-1706-1794) millowner, toolmaker and ironmonger for wholesale and retail. (N.B. other of Jane's contributions are preceded by

the initials "J.H.").


Acknowledgements and special thanks also to Mr. Paul Tunaley and Mr. Marcus Tunaley for transcribing and providing various will documents along

with other detailed records and to Mr. Neil C. Crossley of Derby for providing further historical information.

Particular thanks to Mr. Paul Tunaley for his work regarding the Manchester Tunaley family, the Tunaley connection with the Cox family,

and the descandants of Francis Tunaley together with the supply of much additional census information. Paul has found newspaper cuttings

showing William Tunaley's (b. 1863) involvement in horse racing as both a jockey and owner/trainer. Paul has also

obtained a copy of a bishop's listing of 1727 baptisms at St. Mary's Church, Nottingham indicating that an unconfirmed record of a John Tunaley at the

supposed baptism of his daughter Mary August 1727 is invalid.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Ms. Jean Parkinson for kindly providing photographs of the property which was once Robert James Tunaley's home and

surgery and of Harry Tunaley's WW1 memorial inscription at Wymondham Abbey. Also for providing evidence of the date of death of Robert James

Tunaley, the jockey, and much other valuable information including the following: newspaper cuttings relating to the premature death of

George Henry Robert Tunaley, the marriages of Robert James Tunaley the surgeon, Thomas Snape Tunaley (b. 1802) Robert James Tunaley, the

jockey and Ellen Constantia Louisa Tunaley (b. 1843). Also the death 1900 of Harriet Tunaley wife of Charles Tunaley F.R.C.S. (b. 1808) and the

end, 1857, of John Tunaley's smallware partnership. Jean is a descendant of Harriet Elizabeth Kemball who was the younger sister of Charlotte

Dorothea Kemball.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mrs. Shirley Tunaley of Melbourne, Australia for all the information provided by her relating to the Tunaley family

in Victoria.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Errol Tunaley of Norwich for the information provided by him relating to the Tunaleys of Norfolk and East

Anglia along with a group picture of Errol's "nan" Renee and her family.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Dr. Robert Carman, of U.S.A. for supplying other information relating to the Tunaleys of Norfolk and East Anglia

together with some excellent photographs of Walter G. Tunaley, Thomas Elvin Tunaley, Harry Tunaley. Alphonse ("Joe") Tunaley and Thomas Roch

Tunaley and wife Charlotte.


Acknowledgements and thanls to Mrs. Ailsa Hudson of N.S.W., Australia for all the information provided by her relating to the Tunaley-Shaw family

connection. Mrs. Hudson is the great-great-granddaughter of Sarah Tunaley.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Chris Clarke of Norfolk for providing details from the Norwich Mercury (1917/1918) relating to both Harry Tunaley

and Walter G. Tunaley and a photograph of the final resting place of Harry.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Ms. Allison Tunaley of California, U.S.A., for providing much detail relating to her family (see web page of

Arnold Tunaley b. 1923).


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Neil Davenport for providing information and group photograph relating to Harold Frederick Tunaley late of



Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. David Broom of South Africa for providing further detailed information relating to the family of Harold

Frederick Tunaley late of Rhodesia.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Victor Stewart of California for providing excellent photographs of Harold Frederick Tunaley and his

family including one photograph of Harold, dressed in robes as Mayor of Lusaka, being presented to the Queen Mother.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mrs. Janis Tunaley for providing detailed information regarding Alan Ronald Tunaley, formerly Flying Officer

for the Royal Air Force and later Captain and pilot for British Airways.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Dr. Frances Walsh for providing detailed information regarding George Threlfall, father of Martyn Monson Threlfall

who was a journalist and former Private Secretary to Australian Prime Minister Joe Lyons. George was brother of Sir Richard Threlfall, Professor

of Physics at Sydney University. Frances is the grand-daughter of Sophie Threlfall, cousin of George Threlfall.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Michael Threlfall of Sydney, Australia for the additional information provided by him with regard to the current

Threlfall family in Australia and America.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Richard Marfleet for all the help and information provided by him with regard to the Rimmington family.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. John Grove of Canada for information relating to Kathleen Constantia Tunaley and her daughter Maud Edith Pennington.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Trevor Till, electronics and telecoms engineer of Derby, for his considerable information regarding John Tunaley

(b. 1813) and John's first family of whom Mr. Till is a direct descendant.


Many thanks to all those providing information to help solve the puzzle of William Sidney Scholey who switched his name after marrying

Catharine Tunaley (b. 1768).


Acknowledgements and thanks for the information provided by Mr. Greg Nichols of Brisbane, Australia who is a descendant of Jane Tunnell (b.

abt. 1796) of Scarborough, N. Yorkshire, England. What is yet to be firmly established is whether Jane was a direct descendant of Guillaume

Tonnelier, also of Scarborough and formerly Normandy, whose first son, William, is known to have taken on the anglicised name of Tunnell and who

emigrated to America between 1731 and 1736. Any further information relating to the Tunnells of Scarborough in the eighteenth century would be much

appreciated by the author to be forwarded, with permission, to Mr. Nichols. For details of Jane Tunnell's family click here.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mrs. Karen Walker of Leicester, for the considerable information provided (click here) regarding the position of

her branch of the family in Leicester. Karen can be contacted for further information at karen.walker1@sky.com.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Michael Tunaley for all the information kindly provided regarding the Tunaley family of Buckinghamshire.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mrs. June Naylor, daughter of Edith Pauline Tunaley and grand-daughter of Tom Tunaley, (Tom born 1882, Manchester)

for information relating to the centennial celebration and reunion event in Melbourne 23/10/11 of the Victoria (Australia) Tunaley family

to commemorate the arrival of Tom Tunaley and his cousin Tom Smith in Australia one hundred years previously,23/10/1911 (click here for details).


Acknowledgements and thanks to Messrs. Chris Tunaley and Ian Tunaley of Devon and Scotland respectively for information relating to their branch

of the family descended from Edward Tunaley b. 1844, Edward also the great grandfather of the author.


Acknowledgement and thanks to Ms. Ruth Edge Gerety of Medford, Oregon, U.S.A. for all the information provided regarding Kate Edge (Tunaley).

Ruth is the granddaughter of Albert Edwin Edge whose family emigrated to Saskatchawan, Canada at about the same time that Albert's brother Samuel

and Kate Edge (Tunaley) emigrated to America.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Ms. Natascha Brown, who is the great-great-granddaughter of Robert James Tunaley (the jockey b. 1853). Natascha

has provided much information regarding Robert's children and branch of the family including Florence Tunaley (b. 1895) and Robert James's

third son, also Robert Tunaley (b. abt. 1896).


Acknowledgements and thanks to Hr. Hans Hell of Dresden, Germany. Hans, who is a philatelist, has generously provided copies of 1888 letter covers

and stamps of mailings sent to Mrs. Helena Threlfall (nee Koch) following the death of her husband, William (b. 1862) in a drowning accident in

eastern Turkey earlier that year. These letters are shown to have found their way in a complex journey from Turkey to Dresden where Mrs.

Theelfall and son William, b. 1888, were living.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Ian Cox for all the information regarding his father Wing Commander David Cox. David Cox (D.F.C. and Bar) a fighter

pilot who flew Spitfires during the Battle of Britain, worked with the great Douglas Bader and was promoted to Wing Commander (Flying) of No. 909

Wing in April 1945. At the age of 60 and on the day the RAF celebrated its anniversary, David was flying in a two seater supersonic Lightning.


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mrs. Maureen Hopkins for all the information relating to her grandmother Ellen Tunaley (b. 1890)


Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. Richard Clarke who has provided detailed information on the book written by Francis Boott Jnr. (b. Boston MA.)

whose father, also Francis Boott and born Derby, married Mary Tunaley, daughter of Robert Tunaley, 1805. In particular the book indicates that

the original Thomas Tunaley came from Italy and that his name was formrly "Tunalli". Mr. Clarke is a descendant of another distinguished

Francis Boott (1792-1863) who was part of the same overall family (click here).


Acknowledgements and thanks to Ms. Paris Eastwood for the photo showing Tunaley Parade, Melbourne and other information relating to the Australian



Acknowledgements and thanks to Mr. David Purdy for supplying valuable informaion regarding John Lombe and the Italian silk mills.


Many thanks to Mrs Esme Stone, great grand-daughter of Mary Thomason Tunaley, who kindly sent in several photographs to be included on this site.

(Esme d. February 20th, 2011 - Swanwick, Derbyshire, aged 73 years).